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Instant Reseller is a fully hosted, turnkey website that allows you to start selling our products. In just minutes, you can start earning revenue by driving customers to your very own white labeled storefront - including shopping cart with up sell, order fulfillment and credit card processing, plus all the tools to successfully manage your business. Become a reseller today and start making money.

As low as $99.00/yr

In just 3 easy steps, you can have your own Instant Reseller

Accelerate your business with a turnkey site that includes a shopping cart with up sell, order fulfillment, credit card processing and all the tools to manage a successful business.

  • Quick and easy set up - no technical experience required!
  • Free extras to help you operate your business: hosting, increased security, search engine visibility, and more!
  • Highly customizable storefront promotes your brand.
  • End-to-end e-commerce solution with cart, automated billing & renewals, and credit card processing.
  • Make money selling high margin products.
  • Pre-built marketing assistant -- the more you market, the more you sell.

Customize Instant Reseller any way you want!

Continually expanding Theme Library

Get the best designs available with our continually expanding Theme Library! You can even select alternate variations of most themes by selecting different colors or textures.

Color palette control of Themes

Customize the color selections on most of the available themes in the Library by changing the background colors, site navigation, links and more.

Control the marketing of products

You can use your own content on the existing product landing pages by simply modifying the HTML.

Customize your site Header and Footer

You have complete control over the header and footer on your storefront by modifying the HTML.

Insert your own CSS

Instant Reseller give you the flexibility to override the existing CSS rules or add CSS to support any custom HTML you add.

Fully customizable themes

Themes are essentially skins that wrap around your storefront. We have many themes to choose from and with most you can select an alternate based on the selected theme which is generally a variation of the colors or textures used. If you would like to do more with your theme we also provide the tools necessary to dramatically alter any of the default themes.

Coffee Cup V1
Charm School V1
Temperature Control
Left Turn V1
Chameleon V1
Kaleidoscope V1
Changeling V1
Torn Edge V1
Kaleidoscope V2
Lens Flare V1
Outside The Box V1

Frequently Asked Questions

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  4. What is the bare minimum I need to do to open my own storefront?
  5. What is a theme?
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