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DNS Hosting

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Got a domain registered with another
service provider? Try our services
before you transfer.

Got a domain registered with someone else but you want to try out our curso de edição de video Value Added Services? Purchase our DNS Services and get access to many of our Valued Added Services for domains that aren’t registered through us. DNS Services is a perfect solution to try us out before you decide to transfer.

As low as $10.00/yr
Transfer your domain

Easily setup your domains

Our DNS Services quickly propagate changes to your domain’s settings, unlike some registrars where changes can take up to 48-hours. You can easily set up your domain to point to our system so you can use many of our value added services.

ID Protect and Business Listing are not available with DNS Hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is DNS Hosting?
  2. Why should I purchase DNS Hosting?
  3. What products do I have access to with DNS Hosting?
  4. What TLDs can DNS Hosting be used with?
  5. How do I use DNS Hosting with my domain?
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