March 24, 2014 | Posted in: News

UK Home Secretary Theresa MayIn the United Kingdom, dual citizens are having their citizenship revoked. They typically are not being notified about it, and some times they are outside of the UK when this happens. There are also a few cases where individuals who have had their citizenship revoked were subsequently targeted in United States drone strikes or they were kidnapped, interrogated and wound up in a US prison.

Aviva Stahl, a journalist and contributor for The Nation, wrote an article on this troubling development in the UK, which she says “creates a two-tiered racialized system of citizenship.”

“Only dual citizens can be deprived, either someone who is naturalized or someone who has foreign-born parents,” Stahl explained. “It basically means that white so-called indigenous citizens kind of maintain all of their citizenship protections but people of color don’t.”

Stahl joins Rania Khalek and I(Kevin Gosztola) to discuss her recent story on how the British government is stripping dual citizens of their citizenship.

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